Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Sacramento, CA

RV-8  Lyle McCarty - sub kits

9-22-17 At hangar -KDWA 

9/17 - Fuselage completed, fiberglass parts painted and installed, ready to deliver to KDWA for    assembly

8/17  Wings complete, painted and delivered to KDWA 

10/16 - Fighting with canopy fit.  Lyle is meticulous  

4/4/16 - Hung engine with Chapter support 

2/16 - nearly on the gear - frustrated - FWF directions  

11/15 - Fuselage complete - engine delivered......

2/15  Fuselage nearly on wheels - flying surfaces complete 

3/14  Tail complete, fuselage just delivered 

RV-8  N88KC   Stats




  • EIS - Grand Rapids
  • Com Radio -  MGL  V-6
  • ADS-B out- uAvionix
  • Nav/EFIS

Airframe alterations

Paint - Stewarts

Brakes - Tires


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September 2017 - ready for assembly

October 2016

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Holiday Party

Place December 9 at 2:00 in the afternoon on the calendar for the chapter annual gathering. Aviators Restaurant KSAC terminal building 2nd floor. Details as they come in…..

RV-8 nearing completion

Member Lyle McCarty has all the pieces of his RV-8 at KDWA in his hanger.   Noteworthy:  Both Rans S-18 and the -8 will fit in his hangar.  Congratulations  

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