Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Sacramento, CA

Rans S-18 Lyle McCarty

8/16 - 1000 Hours !!!! 

2/16 - approaching 1000 hours 

1/14 -  400+ hours

Entered phase One 2013  

Based @ KDWA

Stats / Info

Rotax 912ULS, 100hp

Sensenich 3 blade composite ground adjustable propeller

Standard fabric option (most S-18s use pre-sown dacron envelopes)

Stewart system paint

Mode C transponder, Sandia STX 165

Navigation: Android tablet running Avare (free app) 

Empty weight:    661

Gross weight :  1100 

Holiday Party

Place December 9 at 2:00 in the afternoon on the calendar for the chapter annual gathering. Aviators Restaurant KSAC terminal building 2nd floor. Details as they come in…..

RV-8 nearing completion

Member Lyle McCarty has all the pieces of his RV-8 at KDWA in his hanger.   Noteworthy:  Both Rans S-18 and the -8 will fit in his hangar.  Congratulations  

Hints for Homebilders videos at