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Next Workshop - Welding

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October 14  = Welding ... Oxy-Fuel and GTAW -  1300 at Yolo County Airport - EAA Hangar  RSVP a must   $40.  

October “Elements of HomeBuilding” - Welding October 14, 1300 Yolo Hangar

We will be introducing traditional Oxy-Acetylene torch ( Oxy-Fuel) welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW – aka TIG)

All forms of welding brazing and soldering involve temperatures above the burning temperature of wood, paper, plastics, and us. So, safety is paramount.

Personal protective Equipment ( PPE)

You Provide:

Safety glasses – these need to be free of scratches so you can see clearly. They do make safety glasses with a reading script in them. They come in several styles and differing fit comfort. We will use clear lenses but you may bring a tinted/mirrored as an addition. You will have these on throughout the workshop. Optional: Shade 5 glasses for the Oxy-Fuel bench.

Wearables - Shirt - long sleeve 100% cotton flannel/denim , an old work shirt or a Goodwill item.

Pants – long , 100 % cotton jeans– no cuffs, no cuts/tears to the thigh/lap area – these can be junk.

Shoes – sturdy – leather preferable.

Gloves, leather – no synthetic parts. Assume everything you touch is either going to burn or cut.


Welding Gloves - If you have a pair make sure they are gauntlet style

Welding helmet

Shade 5 welding glasses ( Oxy-Fuel)

All tools and consumables for both types of welding.

Preview – Videos. suggested

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KSAC Openhouse

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Seminar at KSAC

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Dear Pilots,

On Saturday, August 11th, at the Sacramento Executive Airport conference room, NorCal Controllers Pat Burke and Aleks Koleukhov will be discussing with local pilots about the radio communication and procedures for flying in the area, with detailed discussion on the local flight paths, hot spots, etc. It will be a great refresher on how communication should go between ATC and pilots, especially in high density traffic areas. Special focus will be on VFR flight following requests, frequency changes, and expectations on the part of controllers and pilots. There will be face-to-face discussion with controllers to understand the process better and operate safer. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss with the Norcal controllers!


We hope to see you there!


AIA Academy Team

Career Day

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Workshops - Elements of HomeBuilding"

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EAA Chapter 52 presents “Elements of Home-Building”

These 4 hour sessions provide a taste of the fundamentals of home-building skills and knowledge.

Think of them as SportAir Workshops Lite.

They start at 1300 on the chapter breakfast Sundays – so fly in or drive in have a pancake or two and join us for the workshop after. A light lunch will be available to purchase.

These sessions are not a fund raiser but a FUN raiser to showcase the very attainable skills to build you own aircraft.


Date Topic Project Cost

June 10 Fittings and fasteners Hardware identification $10

July 8 Wood Assembling a rib $15

August 12 Aluminum RV toolbox $40

September 9 Composite 3D layup $20

October 14 Welding (Oxy fuel & GTAW) steel and aluminum $40

November TBD Fabric (Stewart System) cover a sample frame $20

December TBD Electrical Electronics crimping/soldering $20

Note: workshop costs may very based on materials unaccounted for.

Please reserve your place ASAP to allow us to prepare for you. , 916-769-1819

Location – Yolo County Airport – KDWA midfield EAA Hangar


General Meeting - Return to Executive Airport

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Great News  - Chapter Membership Meetings have returned to Sacramento Executive Airport conference room.  same time and now same place.   

First flight - Lyle McCarty RV-8

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First flight of RV-8  Lyl's second homebuild - first flight Wednesday  3/28/18

board meeting change as well....

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Board meetings will be held at Executive Flyes across the hall from our old meeting location at Exec Airport.  7PM-9 PM


Hints for Homebilders videos at